ICSJS (RR) 2024

We are proud to announce, that our 7th International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery and Related Research will be he held at the Medical University of Graz in cooperation with Prof. Niels Hammer, the chair of the Division of Macroscopic and Clinical Anatomy.

Preliminary program 

20-Sep (The program starts at  13:00)

  1. Education of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) for medical students and surgeons
  2. Functional Anatomy and Clinical Biomechanics of the SIJ
  3. Pathomechanism of SIJ dysfunction
  4. Physical assessments for SIJ dysfunction/pain
  5. Diagnostic imaging and injections
  6. SIMEG diagnostic algorithm
  7. World institute of Pain Guideline for SIJ pain treatment


  1. Conservative treatments; Physical therapies standards, Manual therapies specific for SIJ dysfunction, treatment strategy for chronic SIJ pain syndrome, and selfcare
  2. Advanced conservative treatments; PRP, Extracorponeal shock wave therapy, Regenerative medicine, and Endoscopic RF
  3. Pathology of severe SIJ problem; SIJ inability, Sacroiliac-spine syndrome, and Hip-sacroiliac syndrome
  4. Surgical treatment strategy, concepts, and outcomes
  5. SIMEG project: ISAR


  1. Free paper session
  2. Workshop

Call for abstracts

  • lSIJ basic study (Anatomy, Basic Science/Biologics, and Biomechanics)
  • lMy concept of Manual therapy/Physical therapy for SIJ dysfunction
  • lInjections/ Interventions for SIJ
  • lSIJ dysfunction related to pregnancy and women
  • lCase reports of the most successful treatment
  • lClinical case report of severe SIJ conditions
  • lMy concepts of surgical treatment
  • lSuccessful revision case report

Submission deadline: 20 May, 2024
Acceptance notifications sent on or before: early June 2024