You never think about the sacroiliac joint if you dont think about the sacroiliac joint - Charles Aprill / Arnold Graham Smith

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“"I am really thrilled about the increased interest of my life commitment – the sacroiliac joint. You might know I have been working on the field since 1986. I am very glad to hear that several orthopedic surgeons are realizing the importance of the SI-joint. As well I think planning of a conference is extremely important to give it an important impact. The fate of the SIJ should be taken care of." (Dr. Bengt Sturesson, 02-26-2015)”

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What is the purpose of SIMEG?

There is an undoubted need to perform surgical treatment in cases of painful degenerative SIJ dysfunction if nonsurgical therapies continue to fail. The introduction of new surgical techniques and medical devices cause new challenges to the spinal surgeon. The international association ‘Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group e.V.’ was founded to explore the questions of pelvic girdle pain and SIJ syndrome more deeply and to evaluate and develop diagnostic and therapeutical standards and guidelines without bias. Get in touch to learn about our projects.