SIMEG - sacroiliac medical expert group

SIMEG Membership

SIMEG Members

Any natural person (individual member) or any body corporate (co-operative member) or domestic or overseas association of individuals who shall unconditionally acknowledge the purposes of the Association and these Articles of Association may become a member of the Association.

The admission of a member into the Association shall be based on an application in writing. At the request of the Executive Committee, the General Meeting shall adjudicate the admission by a simple majority.

The task of the members of the Association is to represent the objectives of the group academically and practically and to promote experimental and practical research in this field by the exchange and communication of their own insights and experience:

  • Organisation and conduct of academic workshops, both domestically and overseas;
  • Stimulating and promoting tax-privileged scientific investigation;
  • Co-ordinating the academic research and collaboration of a variety of researchers;
  • Disseminating the insights of academic research;
  • Continuing education, fellowship and work shadowing programmes;
  • Preparation of guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the sacroiliac joint;
  • Setting up a national Sacroiliac Joint Register;
  • Participation in the development of study designs;
  • Sourcing and provision of funding for other tax-privileged incorporations and public corporations for their tax-privileged objectives within the meaning of Art. 58, s. 1 of the (German) General Tax Code.

To fulfil its tasks, the Association may employ an auxiliary person within the meaning of Art. 57, s. 1, subs. 2 of the (German) General Tax Code, if the Association cannot or will not itself discharge the tasks.

The objectives of the Articles of Association and the acquisition of the means required for the objectives specified in Art. 3 of the Articles of Association are achieved in particular by:

  • the payment of membership fees;
  • contributions / donations (financial and material contributions / donations);
  • grants from public resources (Federal, State government);
  • attendance fees for conventions and annual conferences.

In addition, “SIMEG” is financed by attendance fees collected for continuing education events.