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April 2nd 2019


  • Biomechanics
  • How to diagnose surgical level dysfunction
  • Surgical techniques, results, risks & benefits
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Presidential Message

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction has been neglected as a source of pain and even more as a surgical level indication since years. The development of new diagnostic tools, technologies and materials revealed the need to have a closer look at this unique joint from the surgical point of view. Pioneering this topic, SIMEG members are primarily dedicated to avoid surgery - but once the diagnosis is confirmed, we should be able to offer our patients the adequate treatment they need. In the course of three successful international conferences in Germany and the USA many questions were answered, but even more are still unsolved.

The question "Is SIJ-fusion a must have tool in the arsenal of a spinal surgeon?" was pro- and con debated by Prof. Bernhard Meyer from Munich, Germany and Jeff Donner, MD,  at the ICSJS 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. This year we are proud to welcome again internationally well renowned speakers like William Cross, Sonia Eden, Joseph Fortin, David Polly - just to mention a few. Furthermore we are looking forward to Steve Garfin's talk on "Spine surgeons neglegted the SIJ as a treatable pain generator for so many decades - what changed my mind!?"

SIMEG is building up work groups to find answers and to start educating the SIJ surgical topic unbiased - which also means until now unfunded. While working on those topics by dedicated SIMEG members, we are happy to introduce ourselves and to offer a discussion with spinal surgeons during our satellite symposium on the day before the ISASS19 in Anaheim, California, starts.

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Anaheim has German roots, and so has SIMEG (founded in Germany in 2013). The city was founded in 1857 by 50 German-Americans who were residents of San Francisco and whose families had originated in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria. Anaheim’s name is a blend of Ana, after the nearby Santa Ana River, and German -heim meaning “home”. Today Anaheim is a flourishing destination not just because of the Disneyland theme park with over 650 million visitors since its opening but also because of a lot of other attractions like the Convention Center, the Muzeo, the City National Grove, the GardenWalk and the Hills Golf Course just to mention a few of them.

We thank the ISASS board, especially president Marek Szpalski for this opportunity and we invite you to experience and support the transmission of knowledge among spinal and sacroiliac joint expert surgeons.

Thomas Freeman, MD
Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair
Medical Director Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair
University of South Florida

SIMEG President

Register to participate at our ICSJS 19 satellite symposium at ISASS 19, Anaheim, Ca, USA on April 2nd, 2019

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Faculty (Confirmed)

Cross William Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN USA
Donner Jeff Colorado Spine Institute Loveland, CO USA
Eden Sonia Borgess Brain and
Spine Institute
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Fortin Joseph Spine Technology &
Rehabilitation Centre
Fort Wayne, IN USA
Freeman Thomas Univ. of South Florida,
Neurological Surgery
and Brain Repair
Tampa, FL USA
Fuchs Volker AMEOS Clinic Halberstadt GER
Garfin Steven UC San Diego School of Medicine La Jolla, CA USA
Kibsgard Thomas University Hospital Oslo NOR
Kurosawa Daisuke JCHO Hospital, LBP
and SIJ center
Sendai JPN
Majd Mohammad Private Surgery, PSC Louisville, KY USA
Patel Vikas University of Colorado Aurora, CO USA
Polly David University of
Minneapolis, MN USA
Sembrano Jonathan University of
Minneapolis, MN USA
Sturesson Bengt Aleris Speicialistvard Aengelholm SWE

Scientific program

07:45 h – Session 1 (Chair: Fortin/Freeman)

1. Welcome (Freeman) 05’
2. Introducing SIMEG (Donner) 05’
3. What do we know and what do we not know and why is there so much resistance to SIJ diagnosis and treatment? (Kibsgård) 15’
4. Spine surgeons neglegted the SIJ as a treatable pain generator for so many decades - what changed my mind!? (Garfin) 15’
5. Burden of disease - health economics and value proposition (Polly) 10’
6. Anatomy, histology and pain generators of the SIJ (Sembrano) 15’
7. Biomechanics of the SIJ (Sturesson) 20’

09:55 h Coffee Break

10:15 h – Session 2 (Chair: Garfin/Fuchs)

8. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of SIJ pain (Fortin) 20’
9. SIJ incections - How to do it and what´s the value for diagnosing SIJ pain? (Kurosawa) 15’
10. Innervation and denervation of the SIJ (Fortin) 15’
11. Durability of SIJ denervation (Fortin) 05’
12. Sagittal balance and SIJ pain (Sturesson) 10’
13. Spinal stenosis and SIJ pain (Freeman) 05’
14. SIJ failure after lumbar fusion (Cross) 10’


12:30 h - Lunch - please visit the exhibition

13:30 h - Session 3 (Chair: Cross/Donner)

15. SIMEG Diagnostic algorithm (Eden) 15’
16. Are there any anatomical obstacles we have to think of before operating the SIJ? (Patel) 15’
17. Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - lateral approach (Polly) 15’
18. Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - oblique approach (Majd) 15’
19. Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - posterior dorsal recess approach (Fuchs) 15’
20. Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - posterior inferior approach (Donner) 15’


16:00 h - Coffee Break

16:20 h - Session 4 (Chair: Polly/Kibsgard)

21. Fusing the spine and the SIJs at the same setting? (Polly) 10’
22. Clinical improvement after surgery - a literature review (Kibsgård) 25’
23. Shooting at the wrong target - casereports (Patel) 10’
24. Shooting at the wrong target - casereports (Freeman) 10’
25. Shooting at the wrong target - casereports (Cross) 10’
26. Shooting at the wrong target - casereports (Donner) 10’
27. Summary and look into the future (Freeman) 15’

18:30 h Get Together

All participants and exhibitors are invited to get together for our after show ‚chat & dine‘ in the exhibition area. Talk about what you learned today, start or enlarge your scientific and business network, create partnership.

ICSJS 2018 Tampa, Fl, USA - lunch hour
ICSJS 2018 Tampa, Fl, USA