March 2024 Webinar

Meeting Summary

"I think it was a cutting edge discussion on the sacroiliac joints as it was all things not found in the textbooks and papers. Looking forward to seeing you in Graz in person!" - Daisuke Kurosawa, M.D.
"Thank you so much Dr Kurosawa, and everyone! It was a very interesting and informative webinar. We are grateful to have been a part of it, and are looking forward to meeting in person!" - Regards, Richard Raji
That was really an awesome webinar. Pierre
Martin- awesome job! The flyovers were perfect. We really travelled the world for this webinar! That’s what makes this group so special. A huge cheers to you!  - Woodie

If you missed it, watch the full webinar for free on our youtube channel

Webinar Complete Video

Webinar March 2024: discussion

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