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Save the date for the 4th International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery in Hamburg/Germany

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ICSJS 2020 program and call for papers

The SI Medical Expert Group (SIMEG) welcomes you to the 4th International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery, back again in
Hamburg, Germany. Following the success of our previous ICSJS-meetings in Hamburg/Germany in 2015 and 2016, in Tampa/Fl in 2018, we proudly welcome you to our next meeting on sacroiliac joint surgery. Internationally well renowned speakers will present their latest studies and share their knowledge about the sacroiliac joint, with the goal of bringing the SIJ community to the next level of understanding.

For the first time we call for papers for the free session on Saturday. In the afternoon we offer a cadaver lab to teach basic surgical approaches to the SI-joint, imaging and landmarks. Companies are welcome to teach their technologies after the basic training.

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