ICSJS 2022

Jeffrey E. Donner, MD, President
Jeffrey E. Donner, MD, President

November 11/12, 2022

We regret to announce the cancellation of our conference in Hamburg. Our specialty association has to face the overall changes of economical, political and pandemic driven travel encroachments, which seem to result in a far too low number of attendees . We will rather proceed with webinar formats to discuss new trends, outcome, insights in sacroiliac joint surgery. Thank you for supporting SIMEG, we will keep you updated on our website and by our newsletters.

Medical Device Industry

ICSJS 2016 Gallery
Latest SIJ Technologies
Company County/City Country
Alevio Spine, LLC Alabama USA
Bauerfeind AG Zeilenroda Germany
Globus Medical Pennsylvania USA
Ilionmedical, Inc. Minnesota USA
LifeSpine, Inc. Illinois USA
Medtronic, Inc. Minnesota USA
NUTECH Spine Alabama USA
RTI Surgical, Inc. Michigan USA
SIGNUS Medical GmbH Alzenau Germany
SI Bone, Inc. California USA
Sacrix, LLC Massachusetts USA
SI-Technology, LLC Colorado USA
SpineSource, Inc. Montana USA
VGI Medical Florida USA
Zyga Technology Minnesota USA
Zimmer/Biomet Colorado USA


ICSJS 2016 Gallery